Fitness Department – Gym

Group Departmants

  • Pilates
  • Pilatesstick
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics (low-high)
  • S.P.I (Speed Power Intensity Training System)
  • M.C. (Muscular Conditioning Training System)
  • Stretching

Personal Departments

  • Aerobic-anaerobic training.
  • Functional training etc.

The beneficial properties of Pilates: 

Joseph Pilates believed that to reach happiness it is necessary to win control of our body. In particular he argued that “if in the age of thirty you are stiff and unfit, you are considered aging“, but if “at the age of sixty you are supple and strong then you are considered young”.

Life itself destroys the body: slouching more and more, we lose our natural harmony, we age. The routine prompts us to use more some muscles, leaving others idle. Pilates can be a wonderful antidote to all this, through exercises that will strain muscles, align the spine and strengthen the body.

pilatesIn the beginning you may find the mattress exercises irrelevant to your daily schedule. With patience and persistence, however, you will begin to realize that these movements are just the tools for understanding your body. Once you learn them, the muscle control can be applied to any function of your movements, from walking and running to lifting and transporting an object.

Frequent exercise with Pilates strengthens and stretches all nuclear muscles associated with posture. So focused around the stomach, the thighs, the lower back and buttocks- i.e. the center of the body, or else saying, the movements of the Pilates method insist on maintaining the correct posture and body alignment. These are the essential elements for proper use of muscles and make even the toughest daily tasks seem insignificant.


The Pilates method is addressed to all people and is particularly beneficial for treating all the problems arising from the modern lifestyle. No matter how well and fit can be, the Pilates Method is the perfect exercise, meeting the needs of the entire world, from people who live daily hours of sedentary life, to athletes. J.H. Pilates himself, called his method “gentle for pregnant, safe for the elderly, potential for athletes and dancers“.


If we could summarize the multidimensional process efficiency, in one sentence, we would say that it grants well-being and vigor, training completely and uniformly the whole body with a strong emphasis in its center: the abdominal muscles. However, the beneficial effects of the Pilates method are actually much more:

  • It is “Body sculpting” lining and elongating the shape of each muscle.
  • The process is designed so that it strengthens the musculoskeletal system, in such a way as to prevent possible future injuries on weak points.
  • Even in conjunction with other methods, it is applied as a therapeutic method by physiotherapists and chiropractors, to people who have suffered injuries.
  • It promotes the acquisition of correct posture and proper breathing.



Physical Exercise and Health

The concept for the benefit of physical exercise is widespread throughout the world. This suggests at least the mandatory gym class in schools, the large number of sports clubs and the wide involvement of people in middle and advanced age with exercise and sports, as well as the tremendous growth of the sports industry.

In nowadays, with the use of mechanical means to move people to their jobs, with high intakes of food, forced living in crowded urban areas with low greenery, the body weight increases, the physical abilities are limited and as a natural consequence, diseases appear associated with this lifestyle.

It is now accepted by all, that exercise not only improves and maintains a healthy body, but also heals a body suffering, as well as a soul sympathizing with the body. In other words, the message of the exercise is not only for sound but also for human patients suffering, in order to prevent diseases and improve various disease states.

Exercise is the most important stimulus for smooth and balanced development of the musculoskeletal system of our body from our birth to our full physical maturity.

With the long lasting and regular exercise (just as with hard physical work), the body muscles are strengthened, are exempted from the excess fat, are formed, giving grace and beauty in human stature. The strengthening of the muscles has a very practical effect: it makes the person likely to have comfort in everyday bodily actions and enables him to face any additional problem with ease. The person becomes productive without getting tired too and this fills him with satisfaction and self-esteem, feelings that are so necessary for our mental health.

We have two types of physical activity: the kinetics or isotonic exercise such as walking, running, cycling, basketball, football, tennis, dance, swimming and the isometric or static exercise such weightlifting, wrestling, rowing, water skiing, handle, springs.

Isotonic exercise increases the body’s ability to produce some mechanical work, improves reflexes and the person becomes a nice appearance full of mental and physical health.

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

  • Better physical shape and improvement of various health indicators, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density to prevent osteoporosis, etc.
  • Benefits to mental health, less stress, better sleep and generally better mood.
  • Weight-fat loss (as far as this is the goal of course). Generally, better body composition, which means less fat and more muscle tissue, and thus a toned, fit body.
  • A new, important and very useful hobby, giving you the opportunity to escape from the daily routine.
  • Strengthening of good habits (e.g. good nutrition) and reduction of the bad ones (e.g. smoking, poor nutrition). Let’s see how we should start working out, what are the objectives and the rhythms that will be followed.

If it is about people who had previously a sedentary lifestyle, are obese, middle-aged and older or with existing medical conditions, it is clearly that they should first have a meeting with their doctor and follow his instructions. If there are also pain in the chest, on the left side of the neck and on the shoulder (or in hand), dizziness, severe shortness of breath, difficulty breathing during or after an exercise or they take medications to control blood pressure or a heart problem or serious discomfort in bones and joints, should be preceded by consultation with their doctor. Generally, however, it is quite safe to gradually start a fitness program, designed by a professional in the field of exercise.

Φυσιοαγωγή - γυμναστήριο

In order to be healthy, we should except exercising also pay attention to our daily diet!!!

These services are offered with modern methods in a comfortable and clean place. The main concern of the gym is to provide safely, quality fitness services in people aged 4 to 104 years, women and men.