It is an innovative therapeutic approach based on the use of HIRO ® the medical ND:YAG laser device providing pulsed mode power.

This machine achieved to obtain the quality certificate ISO 9000 and the ISO 13485 quality certificate for medical devices as well as the acceptance of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) USA.

The use of this system and its results developed treatment protocols and control systems for therapeutic purposes. It aims at high quality care and benefits for every patient.

This is readily accomplished with excellent results even from the first treatment due to the application of three actions at the same time. These are:

  • Photomechanical Action: (cryotherapy)

Induction of the lymphatic drainage system, increase in the absorption process of the edema, reduction of pain, mobility recovery.

  • Photomechanical Action: balance recovery, strong analgesic action, reduction of inflammation.
  • Photothermal Action: (thermotherapy)

Increase in the temperature of the tissues in a controlled and safe manner.
Active mobility action with better oxygen and nutrients supply and simultaneous elimination of metabolism sub-products.
Improvement of quality of pathologic tissue.

The result of all these beneficial, biostimulant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, as well as the unique ability to provide high energy doses IN DEPTH completely safe without overheating and thermal tissue damage problems RENDERS HILTERAPIA the latest THERAPEUTIC APPROACH in recent years in the field of physiotherapy.

This helps the restoration of PAINFUL PATHOLOGIES in joints, cartilages, ligaments and musculotendinous groups, either due to acute injuries or overuse syndromes, instantly and effectively for fitness and quality of life.