Gravitational goniometer: Ideal clinical instrument for measuring the angle of twist in the femur and tibia.

Pelmatographer: This is a diagnostic device that works without radiation or radioactivity, but is based on piezoelectric effect. It helps in analyzing the attitude and gait of the examined. It provides information about the vertical load imposed on the sole, the application site, as well as the time spent in the different phases of support and especially of gait.

Balance platform: This machine connected to computer is suitable for evaluating and then improving the neuromuscular assembly that aims to help the perception of the body part or of body itself in space. It is used to repair injuries especially in knees and ankle as well as to correct the wrong body postures, especially in the elderly.

Videography: Through video recording is achieved the recording of wrong individual movements in space. Is also recorded the wrong time sequence of movements. It constitutes an important tool for the preparation of individualized rehabilitation program.