In current era where stress, lack of move, wrong human postures, overuse syndromes, injuries, etc. are increasing and become more common and earlier, it is imperative to provide scientifically renowned solutions to all these modern problems.

The physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise with their rapid development form an excellent combination in the attempt to solve these problems.

The therapeutic approach to the treatment of the symptom in a short time, but also finding the causes and correcting these, is now the essence of the philosophy of Physiotherapy.

Therefore we meet with responsibility, love, reliability, consistency, the ever growing demands of patient treatment or the apparently healthy person, by adapting to any individual case, our modern techniques, and the use of sophisticated physiotherapy instruments.

Antonios Venieris

Prerequisite is also the good cooperation with the attending physician of the patient.

All these together, lead to solving physiotherapy problems and defending the positive effects of treatment, in order to have as many people as possible, healthy and happy!