Physiotherapy of the 21st century is called to face an ever increasing number of cases that differ as to the cause, the intensity and the duration of treatment.

A number of diseases and injuries caused by modern lifestyle as sedentary life, overwork, stress, accidents and injuries can be treated effectively with physiotherapy.

At our center “Physioagogi” there are fully trained scientific personnel, all the necessary physiotherapy means and high-tech equipment.

We provide high quality services with experience from approaching the problem, its functional assessment and industrial analysis until the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation effort.

Maintaining communication with the treating physicians, we complete the treatment cycle with absolutely safe and successful manner.

The founder of the center “Physioagogi” Mr. Anthonios Venieris is in constant contact with his patients, having rich experience in the treatment of difficult cases. The goal is to relieve the patient from pain, the muscle strengthening and the total recovery of proper functioning of the body.

Under the mission for health and wellness, we move on a constant basis in order to gain your trust and confidence through our gentle and objective behavior.

We insist on the belief “The end of the survival and the beginning of life