Physioagogi is a model center of Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Physical Training having the legal authorization of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and the approval of the Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapy and the Panhellenic Association of Freelancers Physiotherapists.

It is continuously checked for the services it provides.


The mission of Physioagogi Center is to provide high quality and scientifically renowned physiotherapy services both in terms of prevention – treatment – Improvement of problems that may occur in the human body (the whole limbs, organs, systems) and the retention, through exercising, of the improvements already achieved in ‘patients’ and healthy persons.


Of all people who work or cooperate in Physioagogi Center is to be widely recognized in the public consciousness as one of the highest quality centers providing physiotherapy services and therapeutic exercising.


The recognition in Greece and further afield in Europe and the Middle East.


The realization of the vision for most healthy and happy people.